Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What makes me happy...

It is always good to have something that makes you smile.
Right now, I get really excited about the following:

My friend Leigh Ann, the insanely creative mastermind behind Sweet Auburn Studio, was featured on The Pioneer Woman! I am so excited for her, I can hardly stand it. However, I have come to terms with the fact that Ree's blog will bring Leigh Ann much more business than mine ever will. Since Ree's blog post this past Friday, Leigh Ann has sold over 190 pieces. (Yes Leigh Ann, I am counting...)

The Pink Girls have a new home for the next six months!

Oh my goodness, how have I never heard of Hidden valley's
Fiesta Ranch dip until now? If you have not tried this before, go to the store
and buy it tonight. Did I also mention that I have
been eating a large amount of vegetables since this discovery? Just ignore the large
amounts of sour cream that I have consumed with them...
I have been a Counting Crows fan for a VERY long time, and no matter what new artist comes along that I might become obsessed with, Counting Crows will forever remain my favorite band of all time. I am SO excited about their new album which was recently released.

Margorona - So delicious and so refreshing!

WARNING: This video will make you laugh out loud!

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  1. Thanks Meghan!! Fiesta Ranch?!?!?! May have to try that in the very near future...with light sour cream of course.