Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Squash...Oh my!

Before I know it, the Tomato plants are going to be taller than I!

Just a few more weeks, and they will be ready!

Squash Blooms

Baby Cucumbers

Now, for those of you who now me well, you might be a bit surprised by the following recipes. BUT, I am convinced that a pickle bought in a jar at the grocery store (or served on a salad bar), are completely different than the homemade version. So, with that said, I am very excited about the opportunity to make homemade pickles this summer. Here are a few recipes that I have found on Pinterest...

Who knows? You may be one of the lucky ones to sample my pickle creations one day...


  1. PICKLES!!!!! I want photos of you eating them.

  2. PLEASE bring homemade pickles to work this summer and watch me eat the entire jar.

  3. Time for new photos, Farmer Meghan!