Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dog Days of Spring

This past weekend was filled with both old and new experiences.

Old: The 3 founding members of the Glendale Dog Park reunited for a memorable Saturday afternoon in the sun.




Bea - "Men, I just don't get 'em!"

New: I experienced my very first Dog Show. As expected, dogs were EVERYWHERE...Some resting, some being groomed and some trotting around the ring. Do you know the saying that pets often resemble their owners?, I now believe it more than ever!

I hope you had just as much fun this weekend as I!


  1. Fun!!! I want to see the owner of the black dread-head dog!

  2. The Corgis all look like little Matties. Tell Tom that the girls are sure photogenic! I think the one dog with dreds is named Whoopi :)