Monday, March 21, 2011


I still remember the day that Melissa and I took Oliver home from the Nashville Humane Society, it was Sunday, May 21, 2006. We had only lived in Nashville for 1 week when we decided to visit the Nashville Humane Society one Saturday afternoon. There, in a cage with his brothers and sisters was a 4.5 pound "Shih Tzu" mix by the name of Lemon. Melissa and I immediately feel in love with this little man. We left the NHS and went straight to Borders to look at books about Shih Tzu's, and to determine if this would be a good dog for our 900 Square Foot duplex. On Sunday afternoon, our friend Leigh Ann encouraged us to take her to the NHS and introduce her to "Lemon." Melissa and I were convinced, if he was still there, he would be ours. Of course, we walked into the shelter, and there he was, staring at both of us, with eyes that said, "Please take me home." (I swear her remembered us from the day before.) Well, the rest is history...

Today, Oliver turns 5! Obviously, he did not turn out to be the Shih Tzu mix we expected, instead, a 57 pound bundle of energy, love and joy. Last night, we celebrated his Birthday with a little cook-out at Tom's:

Birthday Boy Oliver
Steaks on the grill for the dogs
Oliver's Birthday Supper
Oliver's Birthday Cake
Where did the 5 years go?


  1. Happy Birthday, Ollie! I'm remembering my birthday party in Nashville a few years back- Meghan, YOU know how to celebrate and make someone feel special! Did you and Tom get to eat also? :)

  2. Happy Birthday Oliver!!!
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