Monday, February 7, 2011

Get your mind out of the gutter.

My friend Anna gave me a "desk warming" gift this weekend. It is an onion candle. I mean, who doesn't need a candle in the shape of an onion? OK, fine, I will admit it: Phallic? Yes. Awkward? Just a little. Funny? Duh! - Why else would I post it for everyone else to see?

Anna - Thank you for always providing so much laughter in my life. This candle is a wonderful accessorise to add to my new desk; it is also sure to provide moments of distraction this week as I am working on my Literature Review paper. (And of course, the distraction will be welcomed.)


  1. I think it's a flower bulb....not so much an onion. But, whatev.

  2. leigh Ann - Why do you have to ruin the fun?

  3. Meg, Looks like an Amyrillis bulb, but I love your imagination :)