Monday, April 25, 2011

Truck Patch Update

If you have visited my blog before, you know that my friend Tom has a Truck Patch (Tomato Garden) he creates each year, with the desire to eat the first Tomato come July 4th. This year is the largest crop yet, below is a current update...

The Pink Girls are quickly outgrowing their custom green house (Almost 2 feet high), 
and are anxious to be planted into the soil.

The future home of 21 Pink Girls. The fence is set up as a precaution to prevent predators from eating the plants, and from Oliver, and his desire to frequently water the girls. (Each brown circle represents a location in which a Pink Girl with be planted.)


  1. The Girls do look healthy and well taken care of! I know it must be hard for you and Tom to see them go out into the real fence...but they have been raised right and will make you all proud :)

  2. Makes me want a BLT or Caprese...YUM!