Saturday, May 14, 2011

Five Years Later

Today, marks my 5 year Anniversary of Living in Nashville, TN. I can not believe how fast the time has flown by! It is amazing to think, that I have now been out of college, longer than I was there. During my time in Nashville, I have gained some amazing new friends, experienced endless laughter and truly learned the purpose of life. I am one lucky girl.

Here is a brief re-cap of my last 5 years:

Graduation Night - May 11, 2006.

I then said "Good Bye" to Auburn, AL...

...and, "Hello" Nashville, TN!

I introduced a new man into my life - Oliver

I baked a few Chocolate Cakes.

I spent two and a half years becoming acquainted with the City.
And I finally learned what makes me happy in life, and at the same time was 
given the opportunity to earn my Master's Degree.

Here is to the next 5 years!!!

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