Saturday, May 21, 2011

One With Nature

I will tell you one thing right now, nothing makes me feel more like "one with nature," than spending some time in my friend's backyard. This morning, I stopped by for a quick glance at the tomatoes and to say hello. Little did I know, that there was more waiting for me than I expected...

The Pink Girls are getting so big!

We have blooms!

The 13 year cicadas have arrived! Once they come out of the ground, 
they leave their shells behind.

The cicadas like the tomatoes as well, luckily, they can't hurt them.

Baby Birds - They will be leaving their nest soon.
(I love Bea and Ellie standing in the background.)

Robins Egg - The mom should be laying a few more eggs before the week is over.

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  1. Hey Nature Girl, How do you know the bird will lay more blue eggs? Just wondering... :)