Friday, July 29, 2011

Fallin for Fallon

Last week, I saw this video...

I then determined that it was time that I created a series recording for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It has only been two nights since I created the series recording, and I am officially in love with Jimmy Fallon and have thus experienced some much needed laughter.

Jimmy has a series he likes to call "Late Night Hashtags."  A Hashtag is a Twitter term which allows people to make comments/tweets on a certain subject by using the designated "hashtag." In this case, #mybossiswierd was the topic of the night. I laughed so hard, that I thought it would be wrong not to share.
  • My former boss asked me to get him a soda. He took off his shoe, reached into his sock and gave me 75 cents.
  • Before having to clean the customer bathrooms, my old boss would "knight" us with the toilet plunger.
  • When I worked at a Summer Camp, my boss asked me if you could get rabies from toilet paper that a raccoon chewed on.
  • My boss once turned around quickly and accidentally hit me in the crotch. He then said, "Oops didn't mean to hit your pony!"
  • My old boss at the toy store used to make me organize the stuff animals by which ones would not eat each other in real life.
  • My old boss would use white-out to cover coffee stains on his dress shirt...looked like a bird turded on him.
  • My first boss used to sneak up behind you, pinch your sides and say, "Keep it real, don't squeal," then wink.
  • My boss was yelling in the bathroom stall. I asked him why, and he answered, "Sorry, Angry Birds."

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will be on my DVR for a long 
time now, as I have fallin for Fallon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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