Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend in Review

As usual, this past weekend flew by. I would say that for the most part, my weekend was 
 uneventful, but I did have a few highlights:

I picked a bucket of tomatoes and decided to make 
something delicious. Tune in tomorrow to see what I made.

I participated in an "In Store" focus group at Academy Sports for a popular active ware brand. I have been told that when the new labels/tags come out in 12 months, that my opinions and suggestions will all have something to do with the new look. Go me!

 I discovered a new beer that I now LOVE!

 I bought a wreath form for a craft project I have been wanting to 
create for some time now. (More to come...)

 I participated in Happy Hour both Saturday and Sunday.
 Oh Large Vanilla Diet Coke, how I love thee...

 Have you ever heard about men trying to pick up women in the grocery store? I thought this was something that only happened in the movies...oh, but no! I witnessed the most uncomfortable conversation ever, and I actually considered acting like I knew the 
girl to save her from the awkward moment. Here was his line - "I really need to start 
drinking more water, can you tell me what Crystal Light flavors are the best?" 
Really!? What man drinks Crystal Light?

And finally, I am now a proud user of Spotify, and am absolutely obsessed!!! What is Spotify you might ask, it is a cross between iTunes and Pandora. You can find ANY song
 you want to hear, and add it to your library; you can also create playlists and 
share them with your friends. AMAZING! And no, I do not have the Karaoke 
version of Proud Mary in my Spotify Library...

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