Saturday, July 16, 2011

Martha's Vineyard 2011

I can't believe it has been two weeks now since I said goodbye to the Vineyard.

 Below is a quick recap:

Anna and I were greeted by the family + Laura when
 our ferry arrived in Oak Bluffs, MA.

We celebrated Anna's 27th Birthday!
(Yes - I made the hat. Click here for instructions.)

I loved the sign in front of the Vineyard Vine's Store - 1154.61 miles to Nashville.

We did some shopping.

I drank a lot of beer with blueberries. LOVE.

And drank some more while on the beach.

We went to Menemsha for the sunset. Hi Dad.

Yes, we bought matching sweatshirts in an 
attempt to recreate an awkward family photo.

Then the sun set.

After one of the fastest weeks of my life, it was time to say goodbye. Mom and Dad were to return to Texas, and Bailey, Laura, Anna and I were off to Boston.


  1. Do your parents live in TX now?

  2. Adrienne - Yes, Mom and Dad moved to Lufkin, Texas a little over two years ago.